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Welcome to Detective Agency Delhi in India.

FIDA undertakes corporate & private investigations. Detective agency in Delhi have best trained and experienced professional private detective agents with latest gadgets for collecting and analyzing evidences. Legal evidence is provided in all types of cases.

Misfortune is something which we all have to face. No one likes to join hands with an individual or company that engages itself in fraudulent practices. The success and failure of corporate ventures and businesses largely depends upon the type of clients they deal with. Dealing with a company you cannot trust on can prove to be dangerous and risky. It would mean that you lose time and money. We are here to take care of all your security services need. Trust us to uncover the facts for you and bring all the confidential and exclusive information to your notice.

FIDA Provide Best Detective services in Delhi

Do not let the defaulters bring losses to you. With the help of our security services, you can get all the details of the whereabouts of a person. FIDA understand that in today's world, moral values have lost their meaning and this is the only way to keep a track of what the other person is unto and stray away from being a victim of big financial frauds. Opt for our surveillance and shadowing services to keep a track of any person or vehicle. Banks and other institutions in India too can benefit from our services and get all the information about their clients and business partners.

FIDA provide all the details along with photographs and videos that can later be used as legal proofs as well. Our teams of investigator and specialist team that work with us have great experience in the field. They help you know what is going behind your back. It is possible that your partner is cheating on you and indulging in adultery. Find out the reality by hiring our specialized love affairs and adultery Investigation Services in India so that you can make an informed decision. You need not be with the wrong person in your life and we make sure that you know it all about him/her.

We have had a good track record and have helped a lot of clients solving even the most complex cases like those of divorce. We have helped them bring happiness in their lives. In cases of divorce, we bring proofs that can later be used in filing suit. Business class people are the ones who can benefit the most from our services. This is because our specializes in providing industrial espionage services to let you know about competitors and your business clients. We understand your concern of scoring higher than your competitors and make sure that you do not miss out on any details and inside news.

Compare to other detective agencies in Delhi that FIDA provide multiple security services like Matrimonial, corporate and Finger Prints investigation. Individual clients as well as corporate clients can opt for these services. We help you find out who committed the crime by picking up fingerprints from the crime scene and finding out the information. We have solved lots of cases with our expertise and experience and promise to do the same for you as well. Hire us and get all the first hand information on anything and everything.

Not everything is known to us. There are several things that remain hidden and need to be clarified for taking some major decisions in life. This is where the FIDA comes to your rescue. Nothing can be done if a person has less or no information. Now a day world, companies demand competitive people to work honestly. The competitiveness that has emerged, forces people to do things that are ethically wrong and cause losses to others. This is the reason why most companies turn to hiring detectives and enquire about different matters.

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