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Loyalty test Investigation

Affair, though a taboo is hidden reality of our society. Anyone can be a cheater, habitual cheater or potential cheater. No one can be sure about his/her partner’s loyalty, until unless investigations are carried out to find the reality.

Affair/adultery/infidelity is primarily a sexual alliance, romantic liaison, or passionate affection between two people without the other married partner’s knowledge. It can be a sexual affair before or after marriage between two consenting wedded or unmarried partners. It may be a mutually agreed upon causal relationship between two people who may have sex with none expecting a formal commitment or relationship or marriage. This is more common these days with same or different marital status.

One can have endless debate about “why men cheat” or “why women cheat”, but the fact is that prevalence of adultery is as old as marriages in our society. Justification of casual affairs and flirting has become a norm in newspapers and internet networking sites. Thus in this world, affairs is possible in workplace among office colleagues, in neighborhood, among old friends of different sex or school/college mates, between close or distant relatives among business partners and their family members or rekindling with past flames from previous relationships.

People indulge in extra marital relationships, without any regards to socioeconomic conditions or place or situation. The information about affairs comes as a shock even when things are seemingly going well in married life. The reasons for adultery are too many, like marriage without love or marriage for wrong reasons, early marriage, inability to negotiate with marriage changes, becoming parents and giving priority to new borne child in place of spouse, physical dissatisfaction or emotional disconnect. Disagreement with spouse over core values of family making and commitment and different priorities in life is causing many people to explore physical and emotional comfort beyond marriage. Need to get extra kick or thrill to cut boredom of monotony of married life and drudgery of work in daily life pushes for extramarital relationship. Extramarital affairs happen in perfectly good marriages and good people.

Symptoms of infidelity vary from person to person. Any rough spot in communication or emotional detachment over time is easily and generally the biggest if a person is involved with someone else. An unfaithful partner would also become angry or critical over non-issues, increase in office hours, long unscheduled meetings, business tours, accusing other of uncaring, paying extra attention to their appearance, buying new stuffs like cloths, cologne, etc are serious signs of affairs. An adulterous spouse is overly defensive in normal talks and gives long explanations; he/she make be extra flirtatious with opposite sex. A big catch is obsessive demand/need for privacy and staying up late at night to work on computer and avoiding family life altogether or sudden need for different mobile no etc are signs of extra marital relationships.

An affair may last for years and the unfaithful spouse can display a sincerity belying any sign of infidelity or may increase passionate behavior on and off basis confusing you even more. Your intuition is your biggest tool in a relationship. Come to First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) if you suspect any unfaithful behavior from your partner.

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